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I Read It On The Internet, So It Must Be True

Nothing can screw up a nice weekend like the Internet. Well, not the internet per se' but the things that get written on the Internet.

What I am talking about is a post on Zcultfm.com in support of their current issues with DC Comics and Marvel Comics about removing their material from the download site. This letter,
which is not attributed to me but is simply signed SLG Publishing, expresses support for Zcult and removes a ban on uploading of our material which we had requested last year when we started our download site EYEMELT.COM.

The post is a fake. It did not come from me nor from anyone associated with SLG. Had we decided to take such a grand action we would have issued a press release or, at minimum, posted the letter on our news blog. As of this writing I have not actually seen the original post, only a reference to it by the sites operator. It may have come to him as an email or a private message. I don't really know what the case is and I hope to clear this up soon. As I write this I have been informed that the message board thread on zcult which contained the false statement AND my response to it has been removed.

Now, this is not to say I am completely unsympathetic to Zcult and its users, but I am angry about this thing being posted without someone bothering to contact me or E-I-C Jennifer de Guzman to verify its veracity. I was going to write more about journalistic responsibility and the need to check facts, but I need to check *my* facts about what the comics news sites responsibility should have been. Johanna Draper Carlson made a good point that she had no reason to believe the posting was NOT from me or my company. She may have a point, but I'll write more on what I think about the comics industry and how it is covered later.

Dan Vado


edited and added

Looks like I owe a couple of people some apologies on this. Let me break this down for everyone.

1) In regards to the statement on Zcult attributed to SLG. I did not write it. However...

2) Someone whom I have done a lot of business with over the years DID write it. This person had asked me some time back if I would be willing to do allow some torrenting of our material in exchange for ad banners on those same sites. This was a few months back and something I thought had already been done. In my mind this was supposed to be a low key promotional opportunity to see if people using those torrent sites could be persuaded to buy legal downloads and not a grand statement on the overall rightness or wrongness of torrent sites.

3) The fact that this took a long time to get done wound up being bad timing as I was now being painted as being pro-torrent, anti DC and Marvel. Those companies have the right to do whatever they like with their property, including threatening legal action. That I might find some promotional use for these download sites doesn't change that. The timing of the statement was very poor and caught me off guard while I was on vacation and made it look like our decision was a reaction to the Marvel/DC thing and not an initiative we took on our own.

4) I made some pretty harsh comments about the quality of comics journalism. While nobody covering comics is ever going to win a pulitzer, in this case I have to take responsibility for being out of line.

So, with a load of egg on my face I would like to sincerely apologize to Serj at Zcult, to Landry Walker who has been nothing but a tireless and hard-working friend and colleague, and to everyone whom I may have offended in general.

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